Absolute Private Gateway : Tempurung Seaside Lodge

Located at Kuala Penyu, you can get there by car only for 1 hour 45 minutes from the Kota Kinabalu City ( if you drive without sightsee...

Located at Kuala Penyu, you can get there by car only for 1 hour 45 minutes from the Kota Kinabalu City ( if you drive without sightseeing along the way). We went there during CNY 2015 - 19-20 Feb 2015. That is my second time went there. This lodge ranked 13 out of 76 specialty lodging in Kota Kinabalu by tripadvisor.com.  
So, here some experiences & tips for you, if you wish to stay there.

5 stars. Yes, I just give 5 stars for its location as it is located at very remote area and very peaceful & quiet place. The beach, approximately 3-5 km, it is realy realy realy white sandy beach, you can freely jogging, dancing, walking, lying, rolling or whatever you want to do, you can do it, because its just so CLEAN & SAFE ! The water =Crystal Clear ! Downfall, quite far from Kuala penyu town.

3 star - as it is basic. Very basic. You will be provided with all regular 3 star hotels are providing - towels, toiletries (soap - classic May brand, look-alike free sample of shampoo, no toothpaste). Room quite large for me with private shower, fyi, no TV, so forget about cuddling with your love one on the bed watching American Idol or Glee or HBO or whatever. If you wish two pillows, na......,they provide only one pillow for each person.

4 star - the food is ,what i call homey food, you pay what you get type of food. For me its delicious,very kampung style of cooking, kind of like it. Well, if you expect large buffet with 10 kinds of food and delicious pastries, na....this not the place. They imposed no outside food allowed,previously they didn't. They have bar inside the restaurant, well, i call it kind of counter, not a bar at all. They sell beers (Tiger @ MYR 8 per can, and other soft drimk @ MYR 3 per can). 2 days and one night there - we are on full board meals - bfast, lunch & dinner.

Apparently, if you go here with bunch boring friends,then this will be the worse vacation ever. What i mean by that , this is kind of place where you do activities on your own initiative- relax, laugh with friends, love ones & families. Kayaking supposed to be available, but it wasn't there.So, the only activities that you can do to fill up your day are - drinking beer with friend right on the sun lounges, build sand castle, jogging (wtf),photo shooting-), netball - bring your own ball and net and of course, spend hours and hours on gossiping while enjoying the clear water.! During night time,like us (sneak some beers, chips & wines and we just chat all night long at the porch , talking about nothing - while enjoying the sound of ocean and stars at bright night sky......-)

Staff are very polite and very helpful - so i give 4 star service. We've got no problem while we staying there, so maybe I miss that part. But of course if you are miss/mr complainer even with small things - maybe you will rate this differently.

If you want the ultimate access to porch  & nearer to the restuarant- choose room no 5, 6 7, 8. If you want outstanding view - choose room 1- 4 or family room, but quite far from reception area and restaurant. FYI, 99 % of Tempurung Seaside lodge were build on the hillside, so you have to put some energy to climb up to room no 1 - 4. Sneak some chips and wines to your rooms - its ok. This lodge - good for 2 days and one night gateway, more than that, you will get bored.

OVERALL i give 4 star experience. Tempurung Seaside lodge has its own charm and class, where you need to discover by yourself. It is really an excellent 2 days and one night quick gateway location. This is, maybe, the unknown  part in Sabah, and i hope its stay there, so the beauty of white sandy beach, the ocean and all those little things remain the same. If you are laid back kind of vacationers - chit chatting all day drinking beers, eating chips - this is the place to go. Will i go there for the third time ? Yes i am.

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