Bittersweet Stay at Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai

I like having a short weekend gateway at nearby resorts. Just a quick escape from busy city life. Don't you think? It kind of like, ...

I like having a short weekend gateway at nearby resorts. Just a quick escape from busy city life. Don't you think? It kind of like, recharging your battery. To make you more energetic to face another week. Last weekends, me and my teammates were staying at Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai. Lovely experience with a little twist and turn.  So here is my post stay review & my experience which I hope will benefit all of you, in case you want to stay here. This solely my own experience and honest feedback. 

I booked our room (triple sharing) via phone after advice from my friend. First, I try to book via their website and it's quite expensive. The published rate in the website absolutely different when I call the reservation associates. It's much cheaper actually by phone. So, I do suggest you book by phone as you can ask many questions about the rooms and other facilities. 

After everything settled and then after one week, the day has arrived and we drove our self to Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai. From KK city, probably took around 30 to 45 minutes drive. We check-in at 2.00 pm, supposedly. But however, we unable to check in as our room is not ready yet. So we have to wait like 45 minutes or so. So, to fill up the gap, we toured around the resort and find out what service and facilities they have.

After 45 minutes, our room is ready and then we proceed to our assigned room. Our room located at level 4 at the very end of the wing. Kind of further from the main building. Supposed to be Ocean Panorama view room, but somehow, it wasn't. There gigantic grown coconut and trees, obstruct the view. So we end up with, Garden Panorama View ... 

Our room is ok. Quite large and has a bathtub!  If you ask me, some work needs to be done in term of preventive maintenance as our room leaking and drainage clog all the time. Every hotel has it own challenges but it all depends on how the problem was solve and handle. The maintenance staff come in after a few calls which we really appreciate for the help.  

With no time to waste, immediately we explore the resort, the swimming pool and as well the beach of course! The beach is superbly clean and private. That's what Nexus famous with. However, the swimming pool needs a little bit more TLC. 

After we finish our activities (swimming at the pool, beach walk and resort tour), we return to our room, hoping that our requested towels are there (no towels provided upon check-in). But, unfortunately, it's wasn't. We had to call few times, but after 1 hour, only two towels arrive (actually requested three towels as we are a triple sharing basis), then, we have to wait another 45 minutes to get another towel and our bathroom is leaking, again. 

Immediately we call the service centre to assist. That night we decided to have our dinner outside (supposed to be at Nexus Sunset Bar) maybe just to let a loose little bit. 

If anyone asked me " How do you rate your stay ". I would say 3/5. Not all that bad. The good thing is the beach and breakfast. The beach is wonderful, clean and private as well, which exactly what everyone needs. The breakfast is delicious with a reasonable selection of dishes.

I'm not like a corporate traveller or auditor of hospitality standard, I'm just a real traveller, speaking about or to sharing about my journey to certain places. I write my experience either it's good or bad. Have to do it, so that all of you guys can take the necessary precautions and what to expect. 

1. Choose or negotiate with the room reservation associate prior to your arrival, to get your room closer to the main building.
2. Book via phone instead of via any booking website or their own website and sometimes it's much cheaper!
3. Nexus good for 3 days two nights or less. 
4. When having breakfast, please seated inside rather than outside. Sighted many flies outside.

So, go! Recommended for a short weekend gateway 

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