Kiulu White Water Rafting - The Review

I look at my calendar, YES! I will have 4 off days and it will be a long weekend, immediately I thought, WHITE WATER RAFTING! I got t...

I look at my calendar, YES! I will have 4 off days and it will be a long weekend, immediately I thought, WHITE WATER RAFTING! I got to do something, if not I will be bored to death watch HBO or #bigrichtexas or #the soup all day long. So, I did! Of course, with friends. Here I want to share few tips & my experiences, (first time) white water rafting grade 1-2 at friendly river-Kiulu.

I booked online via website. It was 6 days before we depart. It is advisable to book at least 3 days before yours tour. Four of us all together and we went there on 2 May 2015. Well, we pay MYR 196.10 all included.

MYR 196.10 Includes

 Pick up and Drop off Service - Registered Tourist Bus,
 Certified White Water Rafting Equipment,
 Insurance Coverage,
 White Water Rafting Certificate (upon request),
 Licensed Tourist Guide,
 Certified IRF River Guide,
 Certified First Aider Guide,
 Certified Swift Water Rescue Guide,
 English Speaking Guide,
 Chinese Speaking Guide (upon request),
 Safety Kayaker,
 Safety Boats (when necessary),
 Photographer Service (We don't get it at all)
 Videographer Service,
 Buffet BBQ Lunch (Fusion cuisine of the West and East)
 Bottled Drinking Water,
 Entrance Fees,
 Shower/Changing Facilities

At 8.00 am, our driver picks us up from my house and we arrive at Kiulu Water Rafting Starting Point around 9.15 am.It was one hour journey with lot of junctions. No worry, Kiulu Riverbug Water rafting’s signboard is visible. Even the blind can see. The road to the starting point, well, very narrow and hilliness. If you are thinking to drive on your own, by small car, better forget about it. The advantages for you to have picked up service that is provided, you will not get tired before and after rafting. Trust me, you will get tired, so save your energy to paddle. 

3 days before our trip, Riverbug personnel had informed me that, water level is low at this moment, so the rafting time may take longer . But it's ok, no ptoblem to me. When we reach there, at starting point. we were greeted by our tour guide, very friendly. We are provided with mineral water and all safety gear for water rating. All of our valuable items, were left with our driver. As usual, there will be a safety briefing by our tour guide. He explains the safety procedure in case of emergency, paddling mode, the correct paddling without hitting someone behind and so forth. 

Then we start our journey. Water level not that low at that time, as rain the night before. (Thank God). But it was cold. As tradition, our guide start to splash water all over us, to kick off the rafting it. I am little bit disappointed not be able to take some pictures during our rafting, Immediately i thought , "I wish i got Sony xperia z10 water proof,right now ". As we all know, this is white water rafting grade1-2, so there is no much of flipping. The journey, i would say, very relax and you got to enjoy the environment.You will have the opportunity to jump to the river, swimming. (God only knows what beneath that deep river). You will experiencing few bumpy rides, but not that bumpy as grade 3-4. The flipping thingy, actually, our guide make a request to us, if we agree that our raft to be flipped, and of course, YES ! So, we did ! So much fun. Tip : Just jump when you felt like yours raft almost get flipped.

The rafting took around 1 and half hour, and then, we reach to finishing point. We immediately clean our self. Shower room is available and very clean. Then, we are provided with BBQ Lunch. Generously delicious. We ate rice, noodles, chicken, beef, wedges, lamb, vegetable, fruits and deserts. It was ok (because we are super hungry). 

Well, to sum it all, based on our experience. Kiulu White Water Rafting good for beginner. Very relax and you can chit chat around while enjoying the views. The hospitaity of Riverbug team is excellent,from reservation staff to its tour guide, everyone is very helpful.If you are seeking for thrill, then you better choose PADAS white water rating. Not to say that Kiulu White Water Rafting is not fun, it is fun on its own way. The water is very clean & the view is priceless. My advice, go here during  starting of wet season as the water level should be excellent enough to do rating. Before make your booking, always ask the water level ( I wish i do that at first). To me, the most important thing is, who you bring. If you have friends that "living Barbie" or "living Ken" , its a no no. Paddling required teamwork, so we don't want to end up like a parade, where your friends , Barbie & Ken, waving to the trees instead of paddling together. Don't forget your sunblock and sandals. Better no shoes. 

Well, that is my experiences. Try yourself.  See it, experience it.

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