Types of Friends we have when Traveling

Ok, we all love to travel with friends or with our own squad. Board on a plane together, drinking till pass out in the room together, ...

Ok, we all love to travel with friends or with our own squad. Board on a plane together, drinking till pass out in the room together, going to unknown places together, Instagramming together, just we travel the world. Well, there is up and down during the trip as everyone has their own drama, personality, and taste. Travelling with friends is like so much fun because they know who you are and how you behave at worst circumstances and most importantly they click! So, as per my experience and from others too, 8 types of friends that we have when Travelling.

1. The Party Guru
Well, he or she must have been doing some research where is the best club prior to coming here and she or he has no hesitation to tell the team members, the must-do list is "drinking all night long!" Definitely, she will ask the receptionist or tour guide "Where is the best club or bar around here?" Very energetic. 
2. The Nocturnal
Regardless of whether you are tired or not, the nocturnal friends will knock your door either to chat or go out, have a drink, one or two or...more. She or he is alive during the day and more energetic at night. Woke up the next day just as fresh as other friends sleep at 8.

3.The Guardian of the Trip
Known for her or his leadership. Yes, person-in-charge. The one that pays the deposit, the one that books everything, the one that communicates with the tour guide or taxi driver, the one that holds the map, the one that wassup everyone on the group about the latest development. The Guardian will take the lead and remind everyone "sharp at 8.00 am".

5. The 24/7 Reporter
Wifi is important to them and they will post their entire trip even before the trip begins (passport photo, currency, flight ticket or just simple coffee image with #hellodubai #boarding). It's like a live update of what is happening. They want to be the first to post and yes "Check-In" function is a must.  

6. The Follower
She or he, just follow the beat. Always ok with others suggestion as long as within his or her budget. When others ask, a common answer will be like " Anything will do", "Whatever you guys pick, I'm ok with that". Her or his favourite seat will be an end of the table during dinner. If suggestions are required, she or he will voice out some suggestions but always end up with "....but, if you guys don't want, I am ok, just follow you guys la". 

7. The Next Top Travel Model
The one that poses for a fashion editorial. His or her photos must have a sense of fashion and head to toe poses. Not your kind of average "peace" photos, the next top travel model will pose like nobody did. Face looking to the other side it's like fiercely looking for future beneath that mountain range. Their love & lust for a candid shot is beyond words and the other friend will become on the job freelance photographer.

8. The Cranky 
Ok, even though you wish she or he would never exist in the group, but she is there all the time. The cranky traveller is undetectable. Before departure, she was so happy ...but a minute after arriving, her crankiness starts to evolve and it will get worst. She or he can't walk anymore. Get tired so fast.  "This place is too hot, the car is moving too slow, migraine, bloated, the next person is smelly" - some of the reasons.

So, there you go, my list of types of friends we have when travelling. I am sure, there are many others "species" which is not listed here. So, drop a comment below and let me know what other types of friends you have when you travelling. 

Even though there's a lot of personality clash inside our circle of friends, but we still there, together explore the world. Merrier is better. The trip will not be an adventurous one if it's perfect. You must have flaws, so you got something to laugh about.

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