5 Reasons why I fall in love with Penang

My friends like,  back and forth from KK to Penang and I was like, what he actually doing ooo.....? Then I ask him why ? Then he said, ...

My friends like,  back and forth from KK to Penang and I was like, what he actually doing ooo.....? Then I ask him why ? Then he said, " You should go  to Penang !" and here are the 5 reasons ( well, I have more than that) why I love Penang !

1. THE FOODS. (If someone come here and he tells food is suck, kindly kidnap him and throw him to the river) 

Oh My God Kuey Tiau. I mean, the foods are everywhere and people eat everywhere. Just near to where I stay @ Lebuh Pantai, after 5.00 pm , all those empty roads will become food fiesta ! From famous Char Kuey Tiau to the soft tender chicken pau and smelly dude next to you, elevate your appetite, kind of (minus the smelly dude) all kind of smell are all over the place and it's cheap ! Food heaven, definitely! So, when coming to Penang, diet is a sin ! Don't even talk about being skinny or how many packs you has, coz, my foodie's face doesn't care.

2. The Tourism Efforts 

I was amazed by how Penang authority taking care and promoting and preserving their tourism products. There are so many places to visit and it's all within walking distance and all hotels are providing you with a map of the local attraction You will be pack with a lot of sightseeing activities and hunt for the art wall along the Georgetown street, and by the way, I can't read a map and unfortunately , I didn't manage to find all the art walls. I think I circle around like a couple of time at the same place. Tourism products are varies depending n your budget, time and interest  and preference and my top list is , Peranakan Museum, beautiful,

Tips : If can't read a map, just follow a tour group from behind -)

3.The streets good for a photoshoot !

Good for a photoshoot if you love street photography, as there's will always be something interesting to capture either, a man riding his rickshaw or a lady passing through the art wall or just an old man taking a nap on his lazy chair ! It is old but the building somehow old gracefully, Like Cher or Madonna, passing their menopause like decades ago but still you want to hear and see. But, it is hot as hell (never been to hell, but it is hot as hell). The street is pretty ugly kind of concept which is unique.

4.Public Transportation. 

No monorail. No LRT or MRT or whatever T you want, but as a non-Penangites, local transportation is convenient for me as a tourist (maybe I pandai asking or don't mind naik bus). When I arrive at Bayan Lepas from Langkawi,I just want to experience the public transport, furthermore,cheaper (From Airport to Georgetown about 18 km will cost your around RM2.70) and also I pokai already lo. The experience has been great for me,so far. It is convienient & quite cheap compare to where I came from , and even though it's quite packed (of course lah bus), for me, it is good enough. The freedom to choose your prefered mode of transporation according to your budget and preference is there. Bus station or KOMTAR also conveinient where you can choose another bus to bring you to anywhere on the island! Many options are alvailable, include walking hahahahaha.....

5. The People

I think whereever we go,local people will give the overall impression of that place. A warm smile, not sombong, if we ask the question , tidak lari punya, and knowledgeable about thier home town. That is my crieria for a good local host. Where I stay, the hotel employees always without fail greet me when I enter or leave the hotel, they always smile , I mean, I know it is a hotel, but I don't expect such a small hotel, can provide such warm hospitality. Where I eat, I forgot where one autie politely explain to me all beautiful places I must visit and the 7 eleven workers give me free slurpy !  (I pretend I super haus bah tu,maybe he so pity of me kan,). Of course, there are bad people at anywhere we go , but so far, I have no problem with the local community at Penang, the local shop owners are friendly and creatively promoting their products and people are generally friendly and maybe it is my lucky day. Well, our term of "friendly" might be diferrent, So, thumbs up ! Penang people are hot too ! So, wash my eyes juga lah...hahaha...tapun. 

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