5 Things That We Learnt from Travelling Solo

Inspired by many travelers around the globe, their braveness and their awesome journey discovering parts unknown all by them self, just ...

Inspired by many travelers around the globe, their braveness and their awesome journey discovering parts unknown all by them self, just inspired me and you ! I myself enjoy traveling solo and encounter many ups and downs through my solo walk try to see the world. Here are the things that I have learned and discover within myself as a person from my solo trip. 

In this context,"book smart" simply means you are the best person in class when it comes to reading and calculate and suck at human relation. No matter how much details and well planned you are before your trip or anything, there always be something that required more than being smart in class, that is LIFE SKILL. I lost for few hours during my recent trip, try to find my accommodation and worse, my HP out of battery and the only thing that I know, knocking people house for direction, ask strangers,find best water supply at the empty road at middle of nowhere,luckily, I manage to find it. While sitting on my porch, it just struck me that, no matter how well I planned it, how well I prepare for it, bad things happened and the only thing that will hopefully get you out from trouble is your LIFE SKILL, your braveness to talk to stranger, your wildest imagination will count, your quick decision making will make a difference.

I love to travel and love being out there to experience new places and foods, cultures and so forth. Even when we at our home, we love to go out with friends and occasionally stay at home but when you travel alone, you start to missing it. The smell of your bed, the same toilet bowl , the same old cup of your coffee, the laughter of your friends , you start to missing it. Really, because I did. You get so tired of chasing plane,queuing up for tickets, spending too much time on the road and so forth. There is always a time somewhere, we start to missing home. It is fun to visit other places but deep inside, as much you don't want your trip to be over, at the same time, you can't wait to go back. Always.

People are afraid of being alone. "I don't want people to see me lonely, got no friends" and it's totally normal. But, what I have learned that being alone for 4 to 5 days or a week, give you, "you" time. No stress and just do whatever you like. Remember once told me "You are the one that in-charge on your own happiness, no else" (suddenly emo). But,it is true. The beauty of being alone is that you can refresh your mind, recharge , relax and talk to yourself. You got so comfortable with not following what others are doing and often we're surrounded by other people and we're spending to much time follow them, try to make them happy and we forget "when it will be all about me'?. I love the freedom to do what make you happy. Well, not entirely being alone all the time.

Once you love to be alone, you will gain confident in your ability to actually be alone and will eventually lead to feeling more independent. Everything from  A to Z decided by you and no need to apologize to anybody if anything went wrong.

Before my trip, based on the review given by other travelers and blogger and based on the photos of the product and services, I  put high expectation that it will be the same as it should be. Well, of all of my trip, so far 60 % meet the expectation. That is B-. For example, before I went on my recent trip to far west of Peninsular, I've booked this amazing sport activity online and paid it accordingly, as I afraid of the term " FIRST COME FIRST SERVE" basis. So, I book it and pay it. Done and I am so excited to do it since from the video and the ads, wow ! But, the activity not that fun and totally waste of money,not worth it. So, from there, I will always lower my expectations on mostly everything, no one get hurt real bad at the end, at least. Don't expect, just prepare at all time.

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