North Borneo Biostation, Kudat

Thanks to for bringing me here and as well my star, without this two, I won't probably know about it. This unique (I ca...

Thanks to for bringing me here and as well my star, without this two, I won't probably know about it. This unique (I call it unique because by the name itself and the shape of the chalet) located not that far from Kudat Town. This resort was built on 7 acres secluded seafront land by two scientist Alexander and Luidmila Frank. Yes, it is what they call not just a resort but also a Field Scientific Station. 

High top ceiling and spacious room is definitely a selling point. The wood is made of tropical hardwood in Java Indonesia. Quite big but is hot. The room equipped with air-conditioning , only one. It will take a long time to cool down the temperature. Obviously no TV and hp line is weak. Basically, you are back to nature. Guaranteed. The bed is comfortable (you pay what you get). One thing that bothering me is that, the front door. It is 3/4 mirror type of door and only covered by thin daylight curtain and basically, you can see the shadow of the people or anything from outside if passing by your chalet, so, positive note;you can predict or alert all the time, negative note; if you keep on looking at it, you will have disrurb sleep. No wardrobe provided but  have a small fridge. 

It is spacious (it is really big) open-air shower room is fully equipped with hot shower and thank GOD, the water running quite ok, sometime. It is a cool concept to have open air shower room (OPEN means you can see the sky) but it is weird at the same time as the chalet is everywhere and your bathoom might be facing to another chalet front yard but no worry, its all covered. 

As it is, for some people say this resort is quite far from the town, no worries, it has insanely huge open-air restaurant,Teratai Restaurant , selling foods and drinks. You name it, western dishes such as Fish and Chips, grilled chicken or just typical Malaysian Dishes such as Penang Fried Noodles,Kerabu Chicken and much more were available to be purchased with price start at RM 8 and up to RM 28. Quite reasonable, not that expensive. 

For the drinks, no worries, there is lot of selection of drinks available such wine (around RM70 per bottle),Tequila,Rum or Whisky (RM 12) , Cocktails (from RM16-RM18) or just soft drinks (RM 5). 

What would you do if you stay here? Well, there is plenty of activities to fill up your itinerary. You can do Kayaking (Half Day :RM30 or Full Day RM50),Snorkelling (RM 10 :half day or RM15 full day). It has great snorkelling spot within the peculiar rocky formation of the shore. Further of about 200m,lies NBB very own house reef where you swim with Clownfish,Batfish and etc. Besides that, you can go jungle trekking, bicycle or just lay on the beach listen to your favourite song! 

So, there you go, a little bit of my experience on North Borneo Biostation Resort at Kudat. It is a beautiful place and quiet. Really recommended for a backpacker or anyone who want to escape from the city or just want to relax and spend some time with the loved one, family or friends gathering. 

My tips : Bring your own snack and sunblock. Turn off your phone. Enjoy with full blast. 

North Borneo Biostation,
Kg Bak Bak,Mile 7,89050 Kudat,Sabah,

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