Hiking at Bukit Botak (Bukit Gundul)

I have heard about this hill so many times. How magnificent and beautiful it is. So, last Sunday, I have decided to conquer this ...

I have heard about this hill so many times. How magnificent and beautiful it is. So, last Sunday, I have decided to conquer this hill ! Here, I want to share our itinerary and some cool photos of our hiking on that day !

To get the best view, I would advise for you to go on an early morning. Why? First, you will get the best nature lighting for your photos, second, you will NOT get sunburn and third, no traffic jem. So, me and my friend wake up at 5.30 am (ya, I know, that time probably someone just gets back from the club or having "wild" dream) and depart from home around 6.00 am. The journey took around 30 minutes to 45 minutes from Kota Kinabalu City Center. We arrived quite late or (maybe the sun wake up too quickly on November), we not able to witness the sunrise. But it's ok. I do suggest you guys start your hiking when the sun is up, so it will be safer and you can see the view perfectly ! 

Bukit Gundul or Bukit Botak located at Sepanggar , near UITM Campus. You can clearly see the hill from the main road. It is really botak or "bold". If you are from KK City Center, you will be passing by UMS and One Borneo Hypermall on your left side. What you need to do, just continue straight until you see KFC at One Sulaiman and then continue straight again until you see a traffic light. At the traffic light,turn left, then go straight and kindly slow down your car as you almost there. Go straight a bit more until you see newly build highway/road on your left side. The newly build highway is currently not open for public but you still can go in. So go in (yes, into the highway) and you will know you arrive at starting point as you will see many cars lining up on right side of the road and there is one small booth selling energy drinks-).  

You will not get lost to the top as you will bump into many hikers as well. Bring a small water bottle as Bukit Botak trail quite challenging at some point for beginner hehe... The view is phenomenal and the combination of green scenery and the shape of the landscape is just too perfect for a photo shoot ! Usually, if you completely hiking and not doing anything else like photo taking and stuff, you can reach to the top within 30 to 45 minutes. 

Useful tips :
1. Sunblock is a must, you might never know how long you will spend at the top. 
2. Preferable time to start hiking is 6.30 am onwards for safety reason. 
3. Don't rush and take many photos as you can!
4. Don't go alone. Never. 
5. Enjoy ! 

Happy Hiking Everyone ! 

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