Tanjung Aru Beach : Goodbye

It always has been my favorite spot to do my weekly jog. That one long 2 km stretch beach that witnesses my fat burn every weekend a...

It always has been my favorite spot to do my weekly jog. That one long 2 km stretch beach that witnesses my fat burn every weekend and the beach that where all lovebirds hang out, or that famous sunset scene too perfect for wedding photos. Just many of its memories. Tanjung Aru or any name that we like to call, brought many wonderful memories that - a memories with exes, families, friends, dogs or get bitten by bugs. I still remember many years ago, me and my group of friends, sit on his truck watch planes take off and landing at Tanjung Aru Beach 3. When our non-sabahan friends ,ask "What place that you suggest for us to visit? ". Tanjung Aru Beach. Tour buses, fresh smell food trucks, sunset selfies, yummy corn with mayonnaise, all of these, soon will be gone. 

As our favorite beach about to disappear soon (no, that too harsh) , as our beach approach to its makeover - April 2017 (if).  I tell myself, to jog as many as I can, because it will take many years before its open again but maybe open with different image, target audiences and possibility, a different purpose and access limit. Benoy, an international firm of architects, master planners, interior architect and graphic design with world class projects under their belt such as Elements, Hong Kong, Cape Waterfront, Baku, Azerbaijan and Del Mar Residence, Cyprus become a master planner for the Tanjung Aru Eco Developement Project while Savills Developement , project management company will begun the first of four-phase by April 2017 and the entire project expected to be completed by end of 2019.  That is like waiting for love life ! 

As this will be the last day or a week we see #tanjungaru beach as what it is today, I gather some photos of precious moments of many people visiting #tanjungaru beach. Either for jog,sunset walk or just enjoying the breeze of cold South China  Sea. One day, we will look back and says "Before all of these Marina, Resorts or canal were built, this is the place me and my friends play football, this is the spot where me and my friends have weekend barbecue, this is where me and my love take a sunset walk - talking about life and where our future would be, this the place where I bring my love when mall is boring or this the beach I went when life just need a little break.

As much we want #KKcity to be developed, there is small spot in our heart that, we want some places to stay for what it is. Smell the same, crowded and jammed, because that beautiful struggle will bring more memories. Something that we can talk about hours and hours. Can you imagine, now tour agency scratch out Tanjung Aru Beach from their itinerary list? What would we tell all the guests?Go to Tanjung Lipat? Well, at least Gaga is right "Until it's happen to you", then it's just too late.

Sayonara, thank you #tanjung aru beach ! 

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