India : My Top 5 Experiences in New Delhi

I am blessed to travel to India recently. I never thought in my life that I would left my footprint at this one of the world 7 wonders...

I am blessed to travel to India recently. I never thought in my life that I would left my footprint at this one of the world 7 wonders country.  I am big fan of Hindi songs, yes I am, and being at India, just make it even perfect, now I have a chance to see it in my own naked eyes of what is India. Does it full with colors and festivals? Does somewhere at the mall, you bump to Deepika Padukone?

I boarded MAS flight from Kota Kinabalu and transit at KL and fly direct to New Delhi with total travelling time of 9 hours. I left KK at 1.05 pm and arrive at KL at 3.15 pm and boarded second flight to New Delhi at 6.50 pm and arrive at 12.05 am (Malaysian Time) but in India, it only 9.50 pm. So imagine your body clock need to be adjusted! 

I have encountered many new experience while I am visiting India and here I want to share with all of you, my top 5 experience of #India.

1.Traffic in India (New Delhi) is at another level.

I come from a city which everyone still follow the lane and traffic light and coming to India, especially on the first day of arrival, my heart is like, pumping so fast as I can see so many cars and humans. Car is one thing but all cars  are coming from different direction IN YOUR LANE and they can park at the middle of roundabout like nobody business.  There is one time, at the middle of the highway, our driver looking for an assistance- asking for direction to our hotel (yes, our taxi driver get lost ), he just drove to the other of the lane, and park right there and I am talking about properly parking at the side of the road, he actually taking over one lane and all cars coming towards us but no one actually bothered! Over there road has 4 lanes most of it,but can fit up to 12 cars at one time! You barely can touch the car next to you! How close.

2. Blue Sky? Nope.

Make it short, the city is polluted. Our beautiful sun, you only can see a bit during daylight. When you walked outside of your hotel, you can feel the heat just wrapping you like 41 degrees or something. It is hot. When my flight descending toward New Delhi, you can see the layer of sky and the haze from the plane.

3. Shopping heaven.

If you are super duper good bargainer, then you will be rich in India because everything so cheap especially saree, clothes, shoes at local market (where everyone goes). But surprisingly souvenirs are hard to get at the local market. I bought saree one for RM25 ringgit and I bought keys chain (the only guys that sell key chain)  for my friend for about 15 pcs for RM20. That is so cheap! So ladies, gear up!

4. Crazy Ride an Auto-rickshaw. 
As we are going out to get some food, we choose to use rickshaw on the way back and yesss, what an adventure ! The driver is crazy with loud hip-hop mix Bollywood song playing the entire ride. His rickshaw even has disco lights . They can turn, u-turn,stop wherever they want and no one bother.  It is so dangerous but fun at the same time. Caution : Beware of the rickshaw, i wouldn't recommend if you are alone taking rickshaw. Not safe. But if you are in group of 3, yes, why not-)

5. Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Well, to you just another airport but for me, it was the longest que and procedure to get to your destination. I am sorry to say but the immigration officer is quite rude. If you are catching your flight going back, be at the airport 4 hours before departure. It is huge and but comfortable.

 So, there you go. I am honest with my experience and will tell you like it is. Some might experience India better than me, so this is only my experience. Just to share and hopefully help you guys to plan to travel to India.  Next, I want to experience the Kashmir,Bangalore - i heard that's the place you should go. 

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