Hi guys, I want to share my solo itineary so that you can have a little info if you wish to go to Cebu. Yes, it can be done alone and by...

Hi guys, I want to share my solo itineary so that you can have a little info if you wish to go to Cebu. Yes, it can be done alone and by a group as well. This is my roughly what I have been through, yours could be different but this could be a good based for your plan. Enjoy ur adventures!

Things that Happened
Additional Info
DAY 1 -Mabuhay Manila & Moalboal Cebu
2.00 AM           
BKI to Manila via Cebu Pacific

4.15 AM           
Arrive at Ninoy Aquino T3
Get some Light Breakfast at Seven Eleven
Buy SMART - Philippines number with the internet of course                
Sleep at Bit & Charge My Phone at Airport       


8.45 AM            
MNL-CEB via Cebu Pacific

10.00 AM         
Arrive at Cebu-Mactan International Airport
Use GRAB to South Cebu Bus Terminal

11.30 AM          
Arrive at Bus Station
(Traffic is Horrible – peak hour)

11.30 AM         
Grab Light Snack and Mineral Water and Que at Bus Station
 (Take note - Que Start at the Back of Building)
 Find Yellow Bus name Ceres heading to Bato via Barili.
 You can double confirm with Bus agent, just mentioned that you going to  Moalboal Ensure you alert all times when the bus           
agent calling all passenger to Moalboal, you need to rush in.

Please choose Bus With Air-Conditioned if available because it was hot. The journey to Moalboal will take 4 to 5 hours. OMG.

PHP 130 something

No Air Cond
PHP 119

1.00 PM            
Depart from Cebu to Moalbaol - 5 hours journey include 
the trafiic jam at Cebu City. The bus will stop at many locations to drop and get the new passenger. You can expect the bus will be full !

5.00 PM
Arrive at Moalboal
Bus conductor alert me when I’m about to reach to drop off area.  
They drop me in front of MCD Donald Gaisano Grand Mall Moalboal. Then I find Habal-Habal / tricycle driver that can send me to Canyoneering tomorrow - early booking and he offers me good deal-) I buy necessities before heading to hotel.

(include transport, fees, lunch, water, and gear)
5.30 PM           
Take habal-habal @Kiss Diving Hotel
(This is actually tourist price)
5.40 PM          
Check in & followed by walking at the beach to see turtles and
 surrounding area.
7.00 PM          
Dinner and then sleep loooorrr, must be early-So tired

Things that Happened
Additional Info
DAY 2 - Canyoneering
6.30 AM
Check out and leave to Kawasan Fall at Badian.
(My Guide pick me up)

7.20 AM     
Arrive at my guide house for Canyoneering Equipment, forms etc

8.00 AM     
Start my Canyoneering (4 hours)  - see my post on My Canyoneering Adventure in details.

12.30 PM          
Lunch at my guide house

2.00 PM          
Going back to Cebu via Bus bound to Cebu city. Just wait at the road and wait fo the r bus (Yellow Bus) 
6.30 PM 
Arrive at Cebu and walk to Check in at SouthPole Hotel - 15 Minutes from Bus Station and then followed by night tour on my own - street foods, malls.

Of cour,se I ate Jolibeeeee-)
RM 110


Things that Happened
Additional Info
DAY 3 - Whaleshark
5.00 AM
Wake up and go to Bus Station to catch the bus to OSLOB
Grab Light Breakfast

6.00 AM     
Depart to OSLOB with Yellow Bus Ceres Bus, same as yesterday but Bus bound to Bato Via Oslob
10.00 AM 
Arrive at OSLOB
Looking around for better fees (A lot of them and choose cheaper one) Register and wait for my turn to see the shark!
You can expect long que due to many tourist.
PHP 1500 include fees, facilities, and underwater camera. I suggest you take it.
11.00 AM 
(For more details – On WhaleSark)
I have posted my experience at another post

1.00 PM   
Depart to Cebu
5.00 PM  
Arrive and do my Cebu City tour. Have a foot massage on street -). Have my early dinner.

7.00 PM  
Headed to Cebu-Mactan International airport to catch a flight at 1.00 AM to Manila.

Sleep at Airport for while and ate Jolibee again lol

Things that Happened
Additional Info
DAY 4 - Manila Historical Tour
2.00 AM    
Arrive at Manila & Continue Sleeping (lol)

7.00 am to 5.00 PM  
Manila Tour
Fort  Santiago, SM Asia Mall, RIzal Park, Etc...
 A bit boring as not my kind of type of vacation (lol
PHP 500
DAY 5 -Sayonara
8.45 AM
Depart to BKI - Byeeee

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