Initially is it Boracay because it's a famous tourist destination and white beaches, party and stuff but I made right decision not...

Initially is it Boracay because it's a famous tourist destination and white beaches, party and stuff but I made right decision not to go there! They are closed!

Kawasan fall located at Badian, Cebu. 3 to 4 hours plus drive from Cebu City. Canyoneering at first not on my list to do,  because my initial plan was to visit Kawasan Fall. But, somehow God whisper in my ears and "You should go Canyoneering!" and he sent me one man, which is my habal bahal driver,  and he had offered me a good deal - Canyoneering Adventure Package during my ride to the hotel from the bus station (Entrance Fees, Shoes, Water, Lunch & Pick Up Transportation) and I can't say no!


This is how I do it without any tour guide. #solotravel

When you arrive at Cebu Mactan International Airport, install SMART Sim Card for Grab! Book your Grab to Cebu South Bus Station Terminal. Peak hours will be 12pm to 3 pm means long queue. It is quite unique especially the queue, whereby you have to queue from the back of the bus station terminal building and make sure you find Yellow bus name Ceres that headed to Moalboal via Barili. This bus has two types - non-aircond and with air-cond. They depart every 15 to 30 minutes to Maolbaol. You got to listen and be aware when the bus agent mention " Bus to Moalboal" you got to rush to hop in! My advice - please use an air-conditioned bus,  use non-aircond, it was hot! Imagine 4 hours journey with 7kg backpack and with the heat of Cebu island, and uncomfortable seat, I got burn not sunburn!

The reason why I go to Moalboal is that because that will be the closest destination or the pit stop to Kawasan fall area. Moalboal is known for diving and white beach and it is a pit stop to the tourist that wish to go to Kawasan Fall. It only took 40 minutes to Kawasan Fall area compare to Cebu City, 4 hours. So, I would recommend stay one night at Moalboal and go to Kawasan Fall at early in the morning.

How I know that I am about to arrive at Moalboal? Well, I use Waze to ensure the right destination and usually, the ticket agent will inform you when you about to arrive at your destination. If you don't have Waze, easy, you can track your destination by signboard of MC Donald Moalboal. The bus will drop you there. I start my journey from South Cebu Bus at 1.30 pm and reach Moalboal at 5.00 p.m. In-front of drop off area, there is one hypermarket where you can buy any necessities. Moving around Moalboal is easy with a tricycle or habal bahal. It is a small town packed with tourists. You can ask any driver of tricycle or bahal habal of they know anyone have a tour to Badian for Canyoneering, they will link you to someone they know, like how I did it.

It is nice or convenient if you book private tour so, you don't have to get your head on transport arrangement. Actually, its' depends, you can rent a motorbike and drive to kawasan fall by yourself, like 40 minutes away.


Canyoneering at Badian required at least 4 hours to complete. I depart at 6.30 am and arrive at the starting point at almost 8.00 am ( after the briefing, signing forms, and etc). Shoes are provided and all life vest is a must - included in the price. Start with a bit of hiking to the starting point and you will reach about 15 minutes or so. The water is so blue\turqouse like what see in the pictures! Magical!

Always listen to your trained guide. They know the best area to jump, to walk and to swim! And they so kind to take the pictures for you. All you need to do just buy a waterproof handphone cover at the entrance for about PHP450 and just handover to your guide and he will take the picture of you for the entire journey!

There will be a lot of walking through sharp or unstable rocks, so be careful not just to do catwalk-). Water is cold but not that cold and yes it is turquoise in colour! The last jump will be at Kawasan Fall 2nd level, 30-35 feet and I have to push myself few times for me to have the courage to jump from it. Probably the highest jump I have ever made. Throughout the adventures, I have made several friends who are in the same group with me, VL, Rod and Micheal. They are so kind and friendly. They also keep cheering for me to jump and jump!

After vigorous 4 hours of adventure, the last stop will be at magical Kawasan Fall. When we arrived there, around 12.00 p.m, the place packed with people! So, a mission to take solo photos at Kawasan Fall, not happening, but at least, I make my way there and being there is a blessing!

After finish, me and my group transported to the house of our guide and have lunch there! It was very simple lunch nearby the sea and we all take a nap afterwards hahaha. After resting a while, it's time to say goodbye to my team as I heading back to Cebu City which is 5 hours drive. I wait nearby the road and waving for the bus (yellow) that go to Cebu. Very easy to catch a bus going back to Cebu as they passing by every 15 to 30 minutes! 

Canyoneering is a must activity. I have made a right decision do it. It takes a lot of guts to do the jumping and me , as the adventures junkie, it is one the best experience! 

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