Recently, I have the opportunity to go to beautiful Cebu and this will be my solo trip. I have been planning, researching this trip fo...

Recently, I have the opportunity to go to beautiful Cebu and this will be my solo trip. I have been planning, researching this trip for months and the ride is a roller coaster. So, here I want to share my solo itinerary so that you can have a little info if you wish to go to Cebu. Yes, it can be done alone and by a group as well. This is roughly what I have been through, yours could be different but this could be a good based for your plan. Enjoy your adventures!

Flight 2.00 AM   Kota Kinabalu to Manila.
I always choose the flight that depart early morning for a cheaper price, although it is not convenient, but save a lot of money and you don't have to pay for the hotel for extra day/night (I am such a cheapskate). Once I arrive at Ninoy Aquino International Aiport like around 4.15 AM, while waiting for connecting flight - I took light breakfast at 7-Eleven and buy Sim-card which cost me PHP 500. I then boarded a connecting flight to Cebu and arrive around 10.00 AM.

11.00 AM - Heading to Moalbaol.
Moalboal located, I think 87 km from Cebu city or if you lucky 2 hours 6 minutes drive id via car, if according to Mr Google.

From Cebu Aiport, I took Grab (PHP245)  to Bus Station - South Cebu Bus Terminal. The traffic is challenging. I arrive around 11.30 am at the Terminal or sand immediately I looking for the bus. The bus should be "Yellow Bus" or Ceres Bus heading to Bato Via Barilli. I get a little bit confused with the queue, it actually starts from the back of the building. You may double confirm with the Bus Agent. Be alert & pay attention at all time to the bus agent when he makes an announcement which bus will depart.

Bus Fee
Air-Conditioned - PHP 130 something
Non - Air Conditioned or Ordinary - PHP 119.

I believe bus operates daily from Morning to Night from 4.00 am to 6.00 pm & 10.00 pm (last trip)

My Tips: If you have extra cash, I would recommend using Air - Condition bus because the weather is super hot-like burning. I did choose an ordinary bus (non-air condition bus) as I thought the journey will only take 2 hours plus and to save money, but that's not the case. The journey took at least 4 to 5 hours and the bus make frequent stops to drop off and pick passengers along the way. You would expect the bus to be full! Like people standing type of full. It was quite an experience.

5.00 PM - Arrive at Moalboal. 

Bus conductor will alert you as to when you about to arrive at Moalboal . I also use my Waze to help me to track my destination. They drop me off at MCD Donald Gaisano Grand Mall. As the bus would not be able to to go accommodation area due to the narrow road, I took what they called habal-bahal , similar to Tuk Tuk. They know that you are not local, so the price is high.  I pay PHP150 which is quite expensive considering the distance. I did not bother to negotiate as to me for this community, that could be his whole day trip.

I also book my habal-habal driver to drive me to Kawasan Fall tomorrow. The initial plan was, for me to visit only Kawasan Fall but somehow I switch my plan to join Canyoonering at Badian as suggested by the driver. I don't know what that is but I am up for adventures! He mentioned that, since I am alone, he will put me with others group of traveller as well. I stay for the night at Kiss Diving Hostel along with other divers. It was a pretty simple basic accommodation run by a Korean family. I pay roughly MYR80 per night. 

Canyoonering Day 

6.30 AM 
The driver picks me up at my hostel and then he picks up a fellow teammate. I get to know, Joey, Bell and Ron. They are so friendly! This trip cost PHP 1150 includes gears, lunch, water and transport. 

7.20 AM
Our driver sends us to this one home which I do believe the small independent operator for Canyoneering in Badian. We were provided with safety gear and then the guide took us via motorcycle to the starting point through stunning terrain. We were given a safety briefing at the centre. You may purchase a waterproof bag or handphone waterproof cover at the centre too. Cost about PHP 150.

Every group have one guide which I think the best thing to do in term of safety as canyoneering known for its risk.

The journey starts with a hike of approximately 10-20 minutes hike to the starting point. Yes, the water is really blue as in the pictures! The journey took 4 hours to finish and have a different level of canyon or cliff for you to jump. Don't worry, you may opt not to do it but as long as you follow what your fully experience guide say, you should be ok. You will be wet all the time. I brought with me a  flipper shoe as it's light and easy to walk in the water. There is a lot of people joining the morning session which is quite fun to get to know other travellers and it's kind of team building activities to me lol.

The journey is all about jumping, swimming, trekking which is tiring but so much fun at the same times! The last jump and probably the highest will be at famous Kawasan Fall like 30m height. When I look from above, that is like 6 storey building and yes there hundred of people watching you from below lol. I took the jump and almost lost my action cam due to the impact but managed to dive in to get it back! Fuhh!

It was tiring and before heading back, we were given time to enjoy the blue water of Kawasan Fall. It is really beautiful like in the pictures but it's too crowded with local and another tourist as expected.

12.30 PM 
We are headed back to the home and where we have a simple lunch and like any human being, we all took a nap for a while lol.

2.00 PM
It is time to say bye-bye to my team. It was sad but I have to continue my journey to Cebu City for Whaleshark adventure. My teammate, on the other hand, continues their journey to do another hiking. I wait nearby the road waiting for the bus. It must be yellow bus heading to Cebu. You can notice it as they display the sign in front of the bus.

I am glad that I have chose to do this activity and thanks to my habal-habal driver that suggest to me this activity. I gain new friends along the way and of course seeing Kawasan Falls blue water make the experience even precious!

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