It always on my bucket list to swim with this beast and I got to make it happen! In my recent trip to Cebu, I got a chance to do! and he...

It always on my bucket list to swim with this beast and I got to make it happen! In my recent trip to Cebu, I got a chance to do! and here's how you can do it! 

After resting well at Cebu City (one night), I pack my bag again (8kg now, lol) heading to Oslob. I stay nearby hotel - 15 Minutes from South Bus Terminal to reduce the taxi or Grab cost. I woke up at 5.00 am to catch an early bus to OSLOB which depart every 30 minutes. I bought one mineral water and buns for breakfast and it will be a long journey - 4 hours to Oslob. At the bus terminal, I use the same bus (Ceres Bus, yellow) but bound for Bato via Oslob. It clearly indicates in-front of the bus to where each bus is going to or you can double confirm with the bus agent. This time I use an air-conditioned bus, so it is comfortable for 4 hours journey. Why I wake so early? This is because the Whaleshark watching only operate from 6.00 am to 12.00 pm-)

I arrive at OSLOB around 10.00 plus and as expected, a lot of people! You know you will arrive at OSLOB when you see a lot of cars, half-naked tourist and the signboard (WhaleShark Watching Here). The bus will drop you at the drop-off point and immediately you will be crowded with tour agents and I choose (I forget the name, jeez) the one at right in-front drop-off area. They will ask you to write your name and assign you a group number and wait for your turn. It will cost PHP 1500 which include fees and photographer (it is a must for me to have an underwater photographer to capture that moment)

It will start with Safety Briefing like  - no sunblock allowed, no flash camera, no touching the shark, you have to distance yourself at least 4 meters from shark (well, not everyone listens that day). Then afterwards, you will be ready at your platform to depart to whale shark feeding area. The time slot only 30 minute for me to dive and swim with the shark. So, I make most of it by trying every pose until my photographer like almost give up to dive with me more deeper the ocean.  hahaha...

They will notify you when your times is up and bring you back to the land. What an amazing experience! I will definitely do it again! You can have a shower afterwards at the respective tour agent. After I finished cleaning up myself, I headed back to the main street where I waving for the bus (Ceres Bus Yellow the sign CEBU CITY) going back to Cebu City, like 5 hours journey, to catch a midnight flight to Manila.  I sleep at the airport while waiting for next flight!

OSLOB Whaleshark watching experience is one the highlight of my trip. All my plans work accordingly and it is such a privilege to witness and being part of this event.

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