It is a wish upon a star that everything will be fine as you dream and you pray for it every single night. The person that suppose to ...

It is a wish upon a star that everything will be fine as you dream and you pray for it every single night. The person that suppose to bringing light to your dreams, suddenly shower you with disappointment and you shattered to pieces, shattered. You start to think that the world against you and you are helpless and barely can't think straight. You just shut down your world and wish to escape from the fact that, he/she (the one that you believe, the one that you care, the one you smile at) now gone and never wish to be part of your life again.

We believe time do heals and it could be longer than we anticipate. Soon, we realize, life too precious to mourn on someone that not wish to be part of our life. Who cares? At the end of the day, you are the only one that in-charge on your own happiness, nobody else. I do believe that, as we progress and shifted from the dark moment, we wish to escape and run and be alone for a while. We wonder and exploring the vast world and here how it helps you get back to new you!

You will learn that alone doesn't mean lonely.
You will learn that you no longer need him side by side to find happiness. You will learn, being alone is the best things you ever had. As you travel far beyond, there are plenty of things matters that you miss, strangers, travel buddies, friends and local people that give many memories that you miss out.  Travel or being at different new places give ample space to breathe a little bit and you will have beautiful alone space that you needed.

Keep your mind fresh.
He is like a bad tooth, and its need to gets pulled off to reduce the pain. Yes, your tongue will linger around and you felt the missing space between your teeth. It took some time to get used to it, but you will no longer hold the pain. Travel will keep your head busy with silly things you might do. Travel keep your mind and body rejuvenate and at least, away from negativity. Being out and about to parts unknown, give back the missing soul and spirit. Either zip lining, spa massage or just sunset walk along the Jimbaran Beach will definitely keep your mind away from anything. Be presence.

You potentially meet a new friend(s).
Nothing wrong with exploring. You do you. Travel lead you to a destination that promises you the happiness and fun and enjoyment and you have every right to have that in many ways that you capable & safe for you. Get out and have fun! (coz he doesn't give you that fun!).You will find different people that you can talk with and it will lead you to see things differently and hopefully heals that wounded heart even for a little moment.

Opportunity to run and fulfil the "escape" feeling
We have to admit, it feels like you want to disappear from the radar, lost somewhere where you won't remember even a little piece of both of you. That push and trigger inside of you to escape to somewhere can be materialized with going somewhere, new places, new city, a new town or perhaps new streets. It did heal and most of us did it. We want to just fly somewhere or be somewhere where you can be alone and enjoy your time. Escape to your room and looking back at old pictures or his Instagram feeds is not the way we go.

We heal through times and many other things. Travel, I believe one of it. It gives you the break time you needed, to get you fresh and understand the values of yourself. There's a vast world out there that waiting to be explored and you heal the broken heart.

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