Semporna Islands (Sibuan, Bohey Dulang, Mantabuan) Trip

We all crazy. Three of us. It was a very last minutes plan and that's why I love it! Sudden planning always works. My bucket lists f...

We all crazy. Three of us. It was a very last minutes plan and that's why I love it! Sudden planning always works. My bucket lists finally ticked.

Here is our itinerary!

6.00 PM KK - Semporna
Initially, we supposed to leave KK at 2.00 pm-ish, but ya, you know "Malaysian Time" we end up start leaving KK around 6.00 pm. As we know it will be a long 8 hours drive, we have established one simple rule- "Whoever falls on sleep, will be slapped!". This to ensure all of us talking all the times, so whoever is driving will not be felt alone and sleepy. We take a turn to drive which is very helpful. There are some advantages as well as driving at late at night - less traffic and you can drive in the middle of the road (lol). Drive to Semporna via Sandakan routes quite challenging - especially when it's raining, everything just dark and scary like a scene "Wrong Turn" movie. We finally arrived at our hotel at Semporna around 3.00 am something. We all tired and only left 3 hours to sleep. No bath, of course.

7.00AM - The Islands Hopping Day

Everyone like a zombie! But, the spirit of Island Hoping is here! After breakfast, we headed to Jetty for departure. The weather was raining before we went to the island, which is not helpful at all, but Thanks God - maybe He knows this is our first time at Semporna - He generously lifted the cloudy cloud and give us sunshine!

Palau' Experience.

Before we make a trip, we have heard the news about how aggressive Palau' to tourist if they crossing the water village. We experience the same. The boat will definitely take you through Palau' water village.  It was ok,as long you keep your things tight and not responding or doing anything crazy. Witnessing with my own eyes on how incredible their lives and also the hardship- amaze me. Living and spending the rest of their lives at the open sea with no modernization and etc. It was a good experience and definitely reminded me of how blessed we are to have what we have now.

The Majestic Islands

As when we on the boat, about to approach the island - it does feel like you are entering another world. Somewhere like in Jurassic Park movie kind of stuffs. We visited three island - Mantabuan, Sibuan and Bohey Dulang. But however, during our visit, we unable to do hiking to famous Bohey Dulang due to the rain last night. The hiking trails were closed due to slippery track. It was mentioned that, previously, one Chinese tourist slip and fall. Well, when I look at how and what they are wearing (heels, pretty clothes ) to go hike, no wonder they encounter such incident). Tips: Check the weather first before plan your trip-)

Our price included lunch so after a long day of snorkelling, swimming and island transfer all day, our tour operator provides packed lunch- a decent meal. Water also provided.

Tips: Bring along waterproof bag as it is nowhere safe to keep your bag while you snorkelling unless you have one friend that hate swimming or getting a sunburn, you are good to go.  This also because, many tourists around and who didn't know who is who, so better be safe.

The experience is all about snorkelling and feeding fishes and just enjoy the crystal clear water! If you are an awesome swimmer - you can skin dive to a much deeper part of the beach to see more beautiful coral and fishes! Beware of sea urchin! They are like school children during rest time-its everywhere!


At night, go and try fresh seafood as what Semporna is known for. Fish Village SEafood or  Ocean Treasure Live Seafood is of much local seafood restaurants you can go and try the sea urchin! If you still have energy, go to the local cafe or bars and spend the night for "post moterm" lol.

Semporna - is diamond under the mud. There are so many opportunities for it to be like other second-tier cities. It is a gateway to Sabah finest island and top world class diving spot. Forget about rumours on how not safe it is to travel. It is not safe when you did not follow the rules or you go to forbidden area. Other than that, Semporna is great!

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