Bangkok Beginner Itinerary Day 1 - Grand Palace, Wat Pho ,Wat Arun and Khoa San Road

One of my wishlists is to visit Bangkok, and I did! Our travel buddy has planned the trip since January 2018 and only travel in Octobe...

One of my wishlists is to visit Bangkok, and I did! Our travel buddy has planned the trip since January 2018 and only travel in October 2018. That's how excited we are! The budget, of course, one of the major factor we planned it early and mapping all the expenses and saving the money for a few months. All because of Amazing Thailand!

Prior to the trip, we have a frequent meeting to discuss the agreeable cost and which places to visit. This is the first time we travel abroad as a group without a travel agent. I have study Thailand through other travel blogs and TripAdvisor, so much info to be taken account to ensure the trip is safe and affordable at the same time. 

Here to share our itinerary, tips and guide! 

Day 1: The arrival to Land of Smiles

5.00 PM 
We arrived late evening, like 5.00 pm at Capital City, Bangkok! The weather of course, hot. Technology and connection are very important, so I bought a Thai network, approximately around RM38 per week, unlimited of course. As we travel without travel agent organizing everything, the internet that we depend on so much- map, transportation, safety and places to visit, all thanks to little thing can "Internet:.

We stay at Red Planet Surawong, this is the best option during the time I make a booking. For four night, it cost us RM500 per room, so if 2 people share, one person only pays RM62.5 per night. That is cheap! Whenever I made a booking, I always consider these three things - locations, good reviews and price. We can't stay at a cheap hotel because of the location suck (no eateries around, nothing around, doesn't have public transportation nearby).

8.00 PM
We stay at Silom area near to Patpong Night Market, so after we freshen up, we went out for dinner and walk to the Patpong Night Market

Day 2: A  Temple Day

9.00 AM
One thing quite challenging for us is that we can't find a nice breakfast place nearby, so we end up eating 7/11 frozen breakfast and grab a coffee at the nearby shop.

9.30 AM
From Red Planet, we walk to Chong Nonsi BTS heading to Saphan Taksin station. We supposed to use Choa Praya Express boat but we end up charged with tourist price, THB100 per pax. Be careful. Commute using Express boat from point A to B is highly recommended as Bangkok's traffic quite bad.

 9.45 AM

We arrive at Sathorn Pier and walk to the Grand Palace. Don't worry, you will not get lost. Just follow the crowd. Entrance fees will be THB500. We spend approximately 1 to 2 hours exploring the majestic temple. I am totally amazed by how every detailing and effort to craft the temple and the surrounding area. Might you want to put sunscreen as the weather in Bangkok is hot like Thai people -)  You can walk to Wat Pho, the famous Reclining Buddha. Obey all the rules established by the temple like take off your shoes before entering, lower down your voice and don't use short pants and don't use sleeveless blouse for the ladies.

After that, we go to Wat Arun at the west side or know as Temple of Dawn. After exploring Wat Pho, walk 200 meters to Tha Thier Pier or also known as Pier 8. There is a small boat service to bring you to the other side for about THB 3. We spend almost 1 hour. It is Instagramable perfect.

3.00 PM

After done with all temple visit and lunch nearby, we decide to walk to Khao San Road. So we go back to the same place (Wat Pho) and take our time walking to Khao San Road. We could have just take Grab, but it is more fun exploring Bangkok in walking. Be like local. It took 30 minutes to walk. I tell ya, it is good exercise and tans our skin lol.

3.30 PM

When we arrived, the food stalls and some bars are not open yet so we took a little break at a nearby cafe drinking - obviously Thai Tea. As sunset set, we took a stroll around Khaosan Road. We ate at one of the restaurants there. Khoa San road is uberly high pack with backpackers and tourist so you can expect the price will be quite expensive. If you are a drinker, then Khoa San is heaven. Since it is backpacker "heaven", Why we did not stay at Khoa San Road? One of the reason, it's location does not have easy access to public transport. I would recommend eating at the small stalls around Khao San Road if you don't mind sitting at the walkway. Cheap and fast but be careful about the hygiene issue as well.

8.00 PM

After we finish our dinner around 8.00 pm, we took Grab back to our hotel. Tips: Set your pick up point at Burger King Khoa San. It was a long day and we all obviously tired but the experience is amazing. Totally worth it and Instagram worthy hehe..

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