Bangkok Day 2 Chatuchak and Amphawa

Love, Amphawa. 9.00 AM On the 2nd day, after having little breakfast, we head to the famous Chatuchak Market. Due to the spirit of t...

Love, Amphawa.

9.00 AM

On the 2nd day, after having little breakfast, we head to the famous Chatuchak Market. Due to the spirit of travel and exploring, we decided to use SkyTrain  (we could just order Grab, which is much easier). From our hotel, we walk (600 m)  to Chong Nongsi BTS Station heading to Siam station and change to Sukhumvit Line heading to Mo Chit Station and we walk 600m to Chatuchak Weekend Market.

It is obviously hot, so highly recommended sunscreen and cap. It is huge, approximately 15000 stalls in the area! I bought a few nice T-shirt and jacket and the price is affordable. You have to try the coconut ice-cream and as well Non-Halal section (sorry). So good! We spend approximately 3 hours at Market and typical shopper can spend the entire day here.

11.30 PM

After Chatuchak shopping, we quickly heading to Mo Chit New Van Terminal because we have a trip to Amphawa. It is a famous floating market, located 2 hours from Bangkok. Well, there is nearby floating market, Damnoen Saduak, but due to lots of mix reviews about its authencity, we have decided to go Amphawa. I have book van service from website approximately RM19 per person via Bangkok Domnoen 996.

2.00 PM 

We arrived at Amphawa and it's packed with local people and as well as a few tourists. The place itself is so Thai authentic - old houses along the river, little cafes, and. of course, the floating boat sprawling across the river. You should try the Papaya Salad and the ice cream! The floating boat mostly selling fresh local seafood & local snacks. We spend almost 3 hours here, try every food that we found lol.

Now, the drama begins

After we finish, we wait for our van at the drop area (according to the description given by the website). We were waiting and waiting for 2 hours, but the van never came. We ask the old lady who sits there (can't speak English), with her sign language, she kind of, give a message & impression that, the van company stopped their service long time ago. We all got panic. I try to call the company but my line only for internet-(. It was getting dark and we all stranded! and the situation gets worse as the old lady tries to scam us by offering a taxi to Bangkok at THB2000 per trip (RM69 per person) triple the price! We ask the local around and indeed, the van service stopped serving the route a long time ago. Luckily we manage to found one van service nearby that depart at 8.00 pm, so we booked the van with cheaper price (RM10 per person) mix with local. It was a terrible experience and I immediately contacted via email and yes indeed, the Bangkok Domnoen 996 according to the reply a day after, admit that they have stopped the service.They should update at website or inform us at the counter! But, lesson learnt. Don't trust so easily all service provider online and kindly purchase the local network that includes call service, so that you can make emergency calls anywhere. 

We finish the day having dinner at a local restaurant nearby. It was a long day with lot's long-distance travel. Overall today is awesome despite the glitch. More importantly, we all safe and enjoy the foods so much! Amphawa is definitely close to the heart - authentic, fresh, and delicious.

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