After a trip to Cambodia, Vietnam and Phuket, I booked an early flight from Phuket via Kuala Lumpur to Taipei City, Taiwan. Due to lo...

After a trip to Cambodia, Vietnam and Phuket, I booked an early flight from Phuket via Kuala Lumpur to Taipei City, Taiwan. Due to long layover and a lot of airport sleeping ( if flight less than 16 hours, I will not stay at the hotel, i will sleep at the airport, save some money), i fall sick. What a great way to start! 

I arrived at Taoyuan International Aiport around 1.00 pm plus (after 5 hours flight). After immigration, i headed to Klook counter to get my portable WIFI. For 4 days of stay , I pay only RM35. Super cheap!  Although it is portable but the size is not that "friendly" but the connection is good even though you are at the outskirt. At Klook, I also get my Taipei Easy Card which the main card to use for transportation at Taipei City. You can book via Klook and arrange a pick up at the airport or you can buy at any 7-11 or convenience stores at NST100. In Malaysia, it's like "Touch and Go" card. 

I stay in the Ximending area. This is the centre of everything, and I highly recommend, if you are first-timer, Ximending is the place. From the Airport (A13), I took Metro- Purple Line (35 minutes) to Taipei Main Station (A1). It cost me around $6. After arrived, I choose to walk (again) to my hotel instead of taking another MRT or Taxi. I still sick but the weather in Taiwan during that time is breeze autumn, so the temperature is not hot. Don't worry dragging your bag across the street of Taipei as it clean and basically nice walking path! 

The world as evolved on how to travel. From conventional tours company to OTA and online tour agents are now, in our fingertips. It is so convenient and now more even more accessible which really useful for a solo traveller like me. Klook is one good example that - continue harvesting this market segment. It is reliable, cheap and trusted service. If you not using Travel Agent, Klook will come in handy. I use Klook for most of my trip at Taiwan.

Meeting point for Klook goers at Gakuden BAKERY near Ximen Station. It is like  5 minutes walk from my hotel. (That the reason why I choose Ximending).  Here some tips, you will find many buses, also use Klook sign, you need to ask which one is yours,  don't get into the wrong bus as they will have different routes and tours, so you need to ASK. Don't be shy. Show your e-vouchers. 

Taiwan outskirts are beautiful. Love the modern touch to traditional homes and lovely narrow street. First stop will be Yehliu Geo-Park or to sum it all - park where can see rock formation by seawater over hundreds of years. It is quite spectacular. I warn you, the place is pack with tourists. 

Before heading to Juifen, I visit the 13 Layers Remains. It is a former copper and gold smelter plant, long abandon at Lianxin Village. It is very short stop-by, around 10 minutes stop, just to see the remains. It does give chills by looking at abandon smelter plan, something right from a horror movie....

Above it, is the famous Golden Waterfall. The colour of the rocks is the gold-like colour this is because its located right next to abandon gold mine and believe water to be toxic but the view is nice! But it is good quick photo stop before going up to Jiufen

As its almost mid-noon, what a perfect place to take a break at Jiufen Old Sreet. If you ask aunties that had been to Taipei before, they must say, they have been to Jiufen! Jiufen is bustling busy street up in the hills with good food and souvenirs. The place is breezy cold and packs with tourists. I recommend the sweet potatoes, glutinous rice cake and Taro Balls! I am full, like super full. The street is huge, so better not to get lost. I spend around RM50 for foods and wall around 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Shifen also one the place that I have visited. Two parts - Shifen Waterfall and Sky Lantern. Shifen waterfall is a 40-meter high waterfall that creates a rainbow as it splashes.  To go there, I have to cross the hanging bridge which is fun! There are small eateries as well where you can but snack while walking at the waterfall areas. But I can't really have " alone" pictures as many people around. You can watch the waterfall from 4 platforms with different angle and views. 

Not far from the waterfall, it is Shufen Old Street. It is famous for its Sky Lantern and old train road crossing the street. I made my sky lantern wishes. You have the option not to do so but hey, even though not your cup of tea, you should try and experience it, at least once in your lifetime, no? Different colour has a different meaning, mine was white - future and brightness. You can choose many colours or a combination. So, I know, too many people also did the same activity, at the same time,  so your photos will be like " people background" not organic, so, my tips, there is one shop at the end of street also sell sky lantern which less crowded people. Probably, you can go there. It will cost you like 5USD per lantern. 

For the trip I spend USD25. I  am an easy person, I eat anything, so food cost is very minimal during my time in Taipei.  

So what Taiwan to me? 

I will be back for sure. I fell in love with the city, the streets, the people, the foods and the outskirts area. Despite I falling sick on the first day, I still enjoy the city vibe. It was a cold breeze during my visit at the end of October which is making it even perfect to walk around. Taipei, I will be back. Wait me-). I will bring someone,if have lol

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